Micro Oxygen

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Refreshing, intimate and adventurous, the music of Micro Oxygen will take you back down to earth. The Maastricht (nl) based quartet doesn’t hesitate to go from one mood to the other in order to fully transmit their emotions. Each song tells another particular story, another life-changing experience.

Although their music is inspired by people like Aaron Parks or Brad Mehldau, Wolf van Gemert, dutch bass player, has put together a very intercultural band to create a unique genre. Saxophone player Gregor Oehlmann (Germany), piano player and Pian Vane (China) and drummer Joey Schins (Belgium) each bring their own touch to the music composed by Pian Vane.

Line up

Gregor Oehlmann (Duitsland) - sax
Pian Vane (China) - piano
Wolf van Gemert (Nederland) - bas
Joey Schins (Belgiƫ) - drums